Air freight security

New and innovative technology for more security

Every day, several thousand tons of cargo fly over our heads. Approximately 4,000 tons of air cargo alone are flown daily from Europe to Asia. In the opposite direction, it is even more than 7,000 tons.

The majority of the cargo, around 60 percent, is carried as additional cargo on passenger planes.

Just how important air cargo is for the economy became clear when, for example, the ashes of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull paralyzed European airspace in 2010.

Air cargo is a target for international terrorism. A bomb in the cargo on board Pan Am Flight 103 killed 259 people on board at Lockerbie in 1988. Since then there have been numerous other attacks and many attempts, such as the so-called Yemen bomb in November 2010. The estimated number of undetected attempts to attack is certainly many times higher.

The air cargo sector will continue to gain in importance over the next 20 years. Renowned market researchers predict a tripling of the air freight volume.